MECKIND S.r.l. Clamping and Fastening Systems


The beginning of everything

Meckind was founded in 1983 by Carlo Arlati, an entrepreneur from Milan, with the aim of exploiting and improving his skills and experience in the metalworking industry, more specifically in the industrial fastening sector.

In the early years of its existence, Meckind created its own space as a qualified supplier to companies such as ENEL and FS, and later established itself in this role for international groups operating in the electrical, automobile and special vehicles sectors.

Meckind's expertise and experience in the engineering sector, specifically in the industry of industrial fasteners.

The wide range of products, always100% made in Italy, is constantly being expanded in order to offer its customers a multitude of solutions for the most varied uses. In addition, Meckind develops and manufactures "tailor-made" products on a daily basis in relation to specific requests made, both by customers and by the continuous evolution of the markets.

Our products are supplied both to the domestic market and to many foreign markets. This spurs us on to constantly strive to ensure the highest product quality and a great customer service

The first achievements

This effort has found an important confirmation in obtaining, already in 1999 the certification of the Quality System Company EN-ISO 9002, then updated to the most recent standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Meckind today

Meckind, today as then, has as its primary objective the customer satisfaction understood as the globality of the services provided.

We focus on many things: from the product to the best quality/price ratio, from the logistical support/shipping to the quick delivery, from the level of communication with the customer to the after-sales service