MECKIND S.r.l. Clamping and Fastening Systems

Identification: traceability and codification of objects

The identification systems proposed are suitable for the traceability and encoding of any object that needs to give information to the operator.

Available in different sizes, models and materials, they represent an excellent identification solution.

What is the purpose of identification?

These systems will allow you to classify, mark, identify and date your products and materials. The different types of application/anchoring, come in different forms and will prove to be the perfect identification solution!

Depending on your work environment, it's a good idea to use systems to identify certain materialsrather than others.

Suitable for any environment

The presence of chemicals, moisture and dust means that certain materials are excluded.

Our solutions available in a variety of materials andcan be adapted to most environments and avoid the risk of human error and simplify maintenance.